Buyer Needs

Considering selling any properties like these?


Anywhere in LA

  1. TIC/pied-a-terre/studio/something small OK with work needing to be done.

  2. Any potential flip - want a no-hassle all-cash deal with no repairs? Reach out.

  3. UNITS: Calling all multi-unit owners I am on the hunt for anything as long as at least one unit is a 2 bed. Open budget.


sunset strip/bev hills/bhpo/weho

  1. View property, 3 bed minimum, 4 preferred, one buyer wants turnkey, another is ok with a project 3.5m -4.5m budget.

  2. Fixer up to 3m.


atwater /los feliz/echo park

  1. All cash buyer looking for sweet 2/3 bed up to 1.6m.

  2. Anything under 1.4m with walkability, small is understood.


santa monica / palisades

  1. North of Montana: Anything under 5m.

  2. Condo under 1m.

  3. Franklin School District: Something that needs potential not turn key up to 3.5m.

  4. Anything in Palisades under 3.2m.


venice / marina

  1. Under 2.5m close to water Penninsula preferred.

  2. Something done within 5 blocks to the beach 3m-4m range.

  3. Spanish style under 2.5m.


west adams / leimert / crenshaw / mid-city

  1. Anything under $900,000.

  2. Craftsman or Spanish under $950,000.

  3. Any flip opportunity at all.


sherman oaks / bhpo

  1. 2 bed minimum up to 1.6m perfect price would be 1.1-1.2m.


greater valley

  1. Anything under $900,000 with at least 3 bedrooms.

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