A Magical Rental in Los Feliz

August 12, 2022

Sale Story

A Magical Rental in Los Feliz

A is a very cool screenwriter/showrunner who moved to LA from London. She has been living in temporary accommodation - a chic Old Hollywood furnished rental in Hollywood, but it wasn’t a long-term apartment, and the folks in her building were driving her bonkers. 

When I first met A she was considering a slew of options! Having come from London she didn’t know exactly where in LA she wanted to land but we were considering West Hollywood and Los Feliz most seriously. 

We hit the ground running and met up in Los Feliz at a property that had stunning vistas, but the property was tired. It also smelled. Here’s where I pause to say: do not list a property that smells, fix the smell, and then list. The same day we pivoted and saw a character Spanish but it was on a very busy street and A is a writer - she needs peace! 

Next, we turned to bungalows in West Hollywood. They were adorable, but the ones available were super close together, and they were honestly a bit dark. We also viewed a new construction unit in a building that had just been totally flipped, and it was quite dark. I really dissuade my clients from going with dark properties (except my husband who insisted on buying a Craftsman so whatever - I win most of the disagreements, but I let him have that as my most difficult client ever lol). This one was hard to walk away from because the finishes were AMAZING, but it didn’t feel quite right.

Finally, we found the one. I mean I LOVED this property. A loved it too, but she really wanted my take on it. I see around 10 properties a day, so I have a ton of context and I can tell you this one was MAGIC. As you walk in, you were transported into a serene garden with a picnic table, and fountain. The unit itself still had tons of original features and hardware which gave it an old-world feel, but there were also upgrades that made it feel fresh. I’m so glad that A found a retreat that is so quintessentially LA! I will miss her but I am glad she is home.

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