How We Set a Sales Record in Venice

April 30, 2020

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How We Set a Sales Record in Venice

Venice is a dynamic beach community that is known today as the intersection of easy beach-living and modern luxury; a dynamic that has lured top creatives and tech professionals alike.

218 5th is located just a block North of Rose, a street that has become the local’s answer to the gradual occupation of chain stores on beloved high street Abbot Kinney. Because Venice has become ever more attractive to the LA Instagram tourist, this property’s smart security systems, and strategic private landscaping offered a very private product to the modern Venitian.

The homeowners’ collaboration with world-renown architect RCDF Studio was luxurious and tasteful - the perfect marriage of contemporary design with minimalist restraint. A neutral color palette that will age effortlessly resonated with buyers, as did the green views from each window. In this community, homes are very close to one another, and as a result, one is often looking at one’s neighbor rather than a beautiful green space.

When we began quietly advertising this home among the brokerage community the response was extremely positive, however, we did not find the right buyer through our pocket listing strategy. We decided to bring the property to the open market so that we could fully expose the listing and ensure we were capturing the largest potential buyer pool. Once we listed the property we gained tremendous attention and received multiple offers over asking. The buyers were a local Venice family that understood the unique offerings this compound-like home offered.

So What Made This Sale So Successful? 

  1. Thoughtful Design for Local Needs - The sellers designed the home specifically for the Venice lifestyle and did a beautiful job selecting timeless, yet contemporary finishes. This wasn't a big box new development. 

  2. Premier Exposure and Marketing - Strategic marketing online, and in print, and with Open Houses

  3. Positivity - Always! - When our pocket listing strategy didn’t yield the results we wanted, we pivoted and remained positive. Listening to the market when it tells you no is important, it gives you a chance to adjust and get great results. Stay positive, get exposure, and get it done.

Thanks for reading this sale story. If you are considering a sale please reach out to us to discuss how we can set a record for your property! A quick call is always THE BEST way to answer any preliminary questions you may have. Let’s have a conversation! 310.227.5996

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